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Nikon Z9 vs Sony A1 – Wildlife Shootout

Call me crazy (my wife does), but I’ve decided to dance through the minefield of brand fanatics by publishing a video comparing the Nikon Z9 and the Sony a1 for wildlife photography. As someone who owns and is heavily invested in both systems, I get a LOT of questions from …


AMAZING: Slow Shutter Speed Wildlife Panning

Have you ever wanted to master slow shutter speed wildlife panning? Everything you need to know – and then some – is right here in this video! It’s the ultimate guide to slow shutter speed panning for wildlife and it’s absolutely bursting with tips, techniques, and settings that will help …


How To Beat Lens Fogging

Are you tired of battling fogged lenses? Let’s make sure it never happens again!

In this video, I’ll cover why lenses fog and what you can do to prevent it. We’ll look at steps you can take to keep fogging from happening in both hot, humid conditions and when you …


High Key, High-Contrast B&W For Wildlife

Have you ever wondered how to create amazing high-key, high contrast black and white wildlife photos? Although they appear difficult, it’s actually WAY easer than you think! In this video, I’ll show you the field techniques required to capture the type of image that works well as a high-key B&W …


Nikon 800PF: The Story Behind The Photos

In my last video, we did a general review of the 800PF, but understanding how I used the lens in the field might be even more helpful.

So, in this video, I’ve tossed in a baker’s dozen worth of images I captured with the 800PF and I’ll discuss specific ways …


Nikon 800 PF Review For Wildlife Photographers

Nikon just announced their new 800mm PF and my extensive first-look review for wildlife photographers is ready to go!

In this first-look video, I’ll answer all the burning questions you have about the 800PF. We’ll talk about the specifications, the controls, features, technology, ergonomics, sharpness, rendering, autofocus, VR performance, how …


Sneak Peek – Nikon 800PF!

So, a few weeks back Nikon contacted me and asked if I wanted to take their new 800PF for a test drive – of course I agreed! I can’t tell you too much at this point, but I am allowed to share a ‘teaser” video for my upcoming first look video that’s …


Essential Tripod Tips For Wildlife Photographers

Are you making critical mistakes with your tripod that are costing you shots? Many people are (I see it all the time) and what’s worse is that they don’t even know it!

In this rapid-fire video, we’ll go over all the field-tested tips and techniques you need for a better …


Are Lens Hoods Wrecking Your Photos In Cold Weather?

Are you a cold-weather shooter? Did you know your lens hood can work against you if the conditions are right, absolutely turning your photos to mush? Give me four minutes and I’ll show you when to watch for the problem, what it looks like, and how to avoid it. This …


Nikon FTZ Essential Info And Speed Tests

So, what do you really know about the Nikon FTZ adapters for the Z series mirrorless? In this video, we’ll reveal everything you need to know about the Nikon FTZ adapters, as well as answer questions like:

Does the FTZ adapter slow down F-mount lenses? (This is a shocker)
Does …