Can YOUR PHOTOS Pass My Sharpness Tests?

So…Are your images sharp – or not?

Are you sure?

One area where people often struggle (LOL, sometimes knowingly, sometimes not) is determining if a wildlife image is sharp or not. What zoom level should you use to examine the images and what telltale signs tell you if you’ve hit the target or missed the mark? (Wait till you see my trick with the sharpening slider).

Wanna know if your image can pass the sharpness test? This 6 minute video has all the answers!

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jean-luc pepin
jean-luc pepin
5 months ago

Great set of advice, Steve, thank you for that.
Is depth of field also not influencing the perception of overall sharpness?

Richard Stern
Richard Stern
5 months ago

Great video as always! What about assessing sharpness on different screens. E.g. when the sharpness looks just right on my 14in. MacBook Pro it often looks over -sharpened when I mirror it to my 4k TV screen. Does sharpness truly look different on different screens/ monitors? And should you always do the things you mentioned at 100% screen size, or does it depend on the screen? Thanks in advance. Richard