Nikon FTZ Essential Info And Speed Tests

So, what do you really know about the Nikon FTZ adapters for the Z series mirrorless? In this video, we’ll reveal everything you need to know about the Nikon FTZ adapters, as well as answer questions like:

Does the FTZ adapter slow down F-mount lenses? (This is a shocker)
Does …

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How To Nail The Shot: Costa Rica Edition

It’s another “How To Nail The Shot” video!

The last “Nail The Shot” video was received incredibly well so I decided to do another, this time focusing on Costa Rica (although the tips apply to wildlife anywhere). In this video, we’ll look at eight different images from Costa …

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How To Nail The Shot: Tanzania Edition

And now for something a little different 🙂

Sometimes I think one of the best ways to get better at wildlife photography is to study how other photographers approach their shots. You know, what settings they use, why they use them, what they are thinking in the field – that …

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10 Ways To Instantly Improve Your Wildlife Photography

In this video, I’ll share ten compositional and artistic techniques you can instantly leverage to create better photos. The truth is, while things like new gear and technology are nice, when it comes to creating truly great images those considerations take a distant back seat to the kind of time-test …

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Sony A1 Review For Wildlife Photographers

If you’re a wildlife photographer thinking about adding a Sony A1 to your bag, this video is jam-packed with everything you need to know! I’ve spent the last FIVE MONTHS shooting the a1 in the United States, Costa Rica, and Botswana, Africa. I’ve photographed an incredible variety of wildlife under …

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Why Good Photos Are The Enemy Of Great Photos

Over the years I’ve watched a familiar pattern play out time and again. I’ve witnessed it in the field watching other photographers, in my workshops, and with my online interactions. Photographers frequently give up a great shot because they already have a good shot.

Here’s what happens.

Often when a …

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10 Pro Secrets For Wildlife Photographers

Want to learn ten rapid-fire wildlife photography tips that’ll make your success rate higher (and your life easier) the next time you’re in the field? In this video, I’ll share ten killer tech tips that every wildlife photographer should know for consistently capturing the best possible images on every outing. 

Check it out …

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Am I Switching To Sony? (and why it doesn’t matter)

If you’ve watched any of my recent videos, you’ve undoubtedly noticed a Sony in my hands (probably the a1). I’m continually asked if I’m switching – or have switched – to Sony. Watch the video to find out!

In this video, I also discuss why it doesn’t matter what brand …

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What’s In My Bag? Africa Edition

It’s (finally) time for another edition of “What’s In My Bag?” This time, we’ll look at the kit I just took to Africa. I’ll show you what bag I chose, what accessories I had along, and, of course, which cameras and lenses I used.

PS – Even if you’re not …

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Mirrorless Advantages (and disadvantages) For Wildlife Photography

Are you a wildlife photographer kicking around the idea of switching to mirrorless – or at least maybe adding a mirrorless camera to your bag? Do you wonder what, if any, the advantages are for wildlife photography? Is it just hype or are there real benefits that could help you …

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