FPS: The Secret To Better Keepers And Sharper Shots!

Frame rate – it seems pretty simple, right? However, leveraging it the right way can unlock a flood of extra keepers – and even sharper photos! In this video, we’ll tackle everything you see below and more!

What’s the best frame rate for wildlife photography?
Is there a secret frame rate to help you capture more of those perfect moments?
Do you need fast FPS for static subjects? (Psst – the answer will surprise you!)
Can you use frame rate to get sharper images?
How do you handle sorting when shooting at a high frame rate? 


Then check out the video below – it’ll answer all of those questions and it may very well change the way you think about frame rate forever! 

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papa's freezeria
12 days ago

best pfs ever

doodle cricket
16 days ago

 I am grateful for the information and the suggestions that you have provided. I will make an effort to understand it better for more.

Andy Cummings
Andy Cummings
2 months ago

At 20fps, the buffer on my Z9 starts to sputter after about 3 seconds and slow down to something well below 10fps. This never happens at 10fps. (I am shooting uncompressed RAW with the second card slot set to overflow using a Belkin CF Express card with a WRITE speed of 1750mbps.) So, am I better off grabbing 20fps for the first few seconds and then something significantly less than that or just shooting at 10fps consistently? I know I can lay off the shutter to let the buffer catch up. But under whatever scenario I am losing frames against… Read more »

Andy Cummings
Andy Cummings
2 months ago
Reply to  Andy Cummings

Update on this and just shoot me. I just realized that in the recent experience that prompted this comment my CF card was full and I was in fact writing to the much slower QXD card.

Andrew Cummings
Andrew Cummings
2 months ago
Reply to  Steve Perry

Good to know. Thank you.

Jeffrey Davidson
Jeffrey Davidson
2 months ago

Thanks, Steve.
Great info as always.