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Nikon Z9 4.1 Firmware: Supercharged For Birds!

Nikon just released firmware 4.1 for the Z9 and it includes a brand new subject detection option for birds!

I was fortunate enough to have my Nikon rep bring me a camera with a pre-release sample for some test shooting in Florida and I can’t wait to share what I …


FPS: The Secret To Better Keepers And Sharper Shots!

Frame rate – it seems pretty simple, right? However, leveraging it the right way can unlock a flood of extra keepers – and even sharper photos! In this video, we’ll tackle everything you see below and more!

What’s the best frame rate for wildlife photography?
Is there a secret frame …


Nikon 180-600mm Sharpness & AF Speed Tests!

In this video, we’ll do some tests to discover how sharp the Nikon 180-600 is – pitting it against six popular contenders. We’ll compare the Nikon 180-600mm against the Nikon 100-400mm, Nikon 400mm F/4.5, Nikon 800PF, Nikon 500PF, Nikon 600mm TC And Sony 200-600! 

Will it impress? Will it embarrass …


Pro Secrets: Depth Of Field, Lens Magnification, And Field Of View!

In this video, we’ll explore how you can use an interesting depth-of-field property to improve your photography. In addition, we’ll expand on that first tip and I’ll show some killer tips for background control using lens magnification and field of view!

The topics in this video are seldom discussed – …


Mirrorless Shooters: Critical Advice About Battery Life

If you’re a mirrorless shooter, you no doubt have noticed that battery life isn’t quite the same as what we had with our DLSRs. In this video, I’ll cover better ways to measure battery life with our mirrorless cameras and show you how to leverage that information into realistic decisions …


Nikon 180-600mm First Look Review

The wait is over! Nikon has announced the new 180-600mm zoom – and I have a first look review ready and waiting for all of my fellow wildlife photographers!  

A couple of weeks ago, Nikon contacted me and told me this lens was (finally) coming and asked if I …


My Z8 And Z9 Autofocus Setup Guide (For Wildlife Photography)

In this video, I’ll take you step by step through my AF setup for the Nikon Z8 and Z9. First, we’ll visit the Custom Setting menu Focus section and I’ll show you how I set each and every one of the items – and why.

Next, I’ll share my current …


Nikon Z9 vs Sony A1 – Wildlife Shootout

Call me crazy (my wife does), but I’ve decided to dance through the minefield of brand fanatics by publishing a video comparing the Nikon Z9 and the Sony a1 for wildlife photography. As someone who owns and is heavily invested in both systems, I get a LOT of questions from …


AMAZING: Slow Shutter Speed Wildlife Panning

Have you ever wanted to master slow shutter speed wildlife panning? Everything you need to know – and then some – is right here in this video! It’s the ultimate guide to slow shutter speed panning for wildlife and it’s absolutely bursting with tips, techniques, and settings that will help …


How To Beat Lens Fogging

Are you tired of battling fogged lenses? Let’s make sure it never happens again!

In this video, I’ll cover why lenses fog and what you can do to prevent it. We’ll look at steps you can take to keep fogging from happening in both hot, humid conditions and when you …