Nikon 600PF First Look Field Review!

Nikon just released their new 600PF VR S series lens, exclusively for the Nikon Z mount! I was fortunate enough to spend some time in the field with the 600PF prior to today’s announcement and I can’t wait to share what I’ve discovered (I was only one of two YouTubers in the US to have access to it)!

Find out why you’re gonna want THIS lens to be your new hiking buddy!!

In the video below, we’ll answer all your burning questions: How much does it cost? How does it handle? How sharp is it? How fast is the AF? Is it weather sealed? How’s the VR?  Is F/6.3 a deal breaker? And so much MORE – this video is a DEEP DIVE!

PLUS – lots of comparisons to other popular lenses like the 180-600mm, 500PF, 800PF, and more. Oh, and I can’t wait to share the sample photos too!

Of course, we’ll also tackle the question on everyone’s mind:

“Why get the 600PF when the 180-600mm gets you to 600mm and F/6.3 for far less money?”

Check out the video below and be the first to get the scoop!

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basket random
4 months ago

Your exclusive early access to the Nikon 600PF has me buzzing with anticipation! As a wildlife and landscape photographer, a lightweight super-telephoto with impressive reach has been a dream for a while. “Deep dive” and “tons of comparisons” are music to my ears, I couldn’t ask for a more comprehensive review.

Richard Cohen
Richard Cohen
7 months ago

Fantastic review as always Steve. Other than cost, which does seem a bit high relative to the 180-600 and the real world price of the 500pf which is down to about $2k now, it looks like a great performer. It also makes the 600tc look wildly overpriced, but with the limited quantities nikon makes, that may not matter much. If you don’t have to go on a plane, to me a wildlife kit could include the 100-400, 600pf and 800pf. You get all of that for about $3k less than just the 600tc costs, so you have almost enough left… Read more »

David Sneddon
David Sneddon
7 months ago

Oh my oh my, now a real quandary for the second time this year. D850 to Z8 and 500PF to 600PF on the horizon. I’ll have to check out the shipping in the UK. Thanks Steve as always seriously out in front again. Nikon really have faith in you.