Nikon 600 PF Tests & Comparisons

In this video / review, I pull out all the stops and put the 600PF through the wringer! We’ll scrutinize sharpness, AF speed, background rendering, focus breathing, VR performance, and I’ll even share the ARCA-SWISS foot I’m using with it!

But it doesn’t stop there – we gotta see how it stacks up against other popular glass! We’ll pit the 600PF against other popular lenses like the 400 F/4.5 (with TC), 500PF, 180-600, the Sony 200-600, and we’ll even take on the titan: the 600TC!

This video is loaded with surprises – some of these tests blew me away! Just wait till you see ’em!

Here’s the foot I mention in the video. It’s not strictly for this lens, but it works fine:

(Note the above is an affiliate link and I earn a small commission if you click it and purchase)

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Bernie Ross
Bernie Ross
8 months ago

An empirical assessment after taking it for a walk on day one.
It was faster, less breathing, better balanced, sharper and better bokeh than the PF 500 and the 100-400 on the Z9.
I walked around with that combination for 6 hours and it felt lighter than the other 2 lenses because of the balance.