5 Pro Secrets To For Great Backgrounds

Backgrounds make or break a wildlife photo…Are yours holding you back? Unfortunately, most wildlife photographers don’t apply the techniques in this video – and it shows!

If you want to take your wildlife photos to the next level, you gotta start with the background. In this video, I’ll show you how to get great backgrounds with any lens (SURPRISE – you don’t need a big, fast prime to do it). I’ll show you how to strategically leverage your position, distance, and current gear to create backgrounds that’ll skyrocket the impact of your photos instantly.

In fact, the tips in this video may prove to be the one of the biggest upgrade you make to your photography!

Check out the video below – in less than 8 minutes, you’ll be knocking out backgrounds like the pros 🙂

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build now gg
3 months ago

Lens Blur and other blurring techniques can be utilized without hesitation, but as you point out, they should only be used in moderation to avoid looking artificial. Once again, Steve, I appreciate your wonderful film.

Notar Hamburg
5 months ago

Thank you for the video, I loved the background distance tip at the end!

Mike Leorux
Mike Leorux
6 months ago

Great food for thought! I occasionally use background blurring in post production. Perhaps it’s time to go back and examine some of those photos while this topic is fresh in my mind. Thank you.

Notarin Viernheim
6 months ago

Thanks Steve for another great video!

Robert Kaplan
7 months ago

I have no qualms using Lens Blur or other blurring tools but agree with you that they must be used sparingly or it looks fake. Thanks again Steve for a great video.

Paul Godwin
Paul Godwin
7 months ago

As usual Steve has explained how to get to the “next level in photography” ! THANKS