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Long Lens Heat Distortion

Are you a long lens shooter? If so, you’ve gotta check out this video! In the video, I’ll explain everything you need to know about the “hidden” enemy of all long lens shooter – heat distortion. Most people dismiss this out of hand, but the truth is, heat distortion is …

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How To Use A Polarizing Filter

Quick – What do you think a polarizing filter is used for?

If you said, “blue skies” then you’re certainly among the majority of photographers. However, that answer merely skims the surface of what a polarizer is really capable of.

The primary purpose of a polarizing filter is to remove …

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Blue Skies Without A Polarizer

When I talk about polarizers, people are often surprised that I don’t use one for enhancing blue skies (the most common use for that filter). Instead, I have a handful of photoshop tricks that I like better. (for more on polarizers, click here)

Well, that generated a ton of questions …

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AF-On And Back Button Autofocus

Try a better way to focus your DSLR! Using back button autofocus is a faster, easier, smarter way to get great AF results from your DSLR. This video will show you how AF modes work – and why decoupling autofocus from your shutter release can take your photography to a …

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How To Get A Starburst In Your Photo

A question I get on a regular basis is “How do you get those cool starbursts in some of your photos?”

People have speculated on everything from special filters to photoshop to alien intervention (OK, made that last one up) – but it’s way easier than that. To get a starburst …

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The Best Time For Photography

Psst – Wanna know one of the biggest tricks for good nature photos?

Shoot your subject when it looks its best!

I know, seems pretty obvious and I can almost hear the collective “DUH” from everyone reading this, but stick with me here. See, it’s been my experience that most …

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