Long Lens Heat Distortion

Are you a long lens shooter? If so, you’ve gotta check out this video! In the video, I’ll explain everything you need to know about the “hidden” enemy of all long lens shooter – heat distortion. Most people dismiss this out of hand, but the truth is, heat distortion is often the root cause of a surprising number of poor quality images.

So, if you’ve ever been out shooting and just can’t quite explain why your images aren’t as sharp as they should be, heat distortion may have been the cause. Check out the video below to know what to look for and how to avoid it – and start enjoying a higher percentage of those tack sharp images we all love!


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8 months ago

I seem to have an out of focus issue shooting from an open house window into my backyard to capture birds feeding. Range 20 to 75 feet with long teles 500PF or 600PF on a tripod.
The window will only open downward a few inches below the front of the lens.
I’ve experimented and noticed that if I extend the lens well out the window it seems to focus OK.
Weather temp 30’s to 50’s F. Not sure about warm weather.

Paul Moshay
Paul Moshay
3 years ago

Thank you Steve, very good information, now I know what happened to some pictures I made that turned out not so good.

4 years ago

Very useful. Thanks.
For me it ruined a shot of a Black Falcon (rare) hovering with prey (rarer!). Didn’t realize till I got home.


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5 years ago

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