Nikon Z6iii: The Story Behind The Photos (and a goldmine of field techniques

In my last video, we covered a complete first-look review of the new Nikon Z6iii for wildlife and bird photography. In this video, we’ll examine how I leveraged the Z6iii in the field to help me get the shots for the review video and a ton of wildlife field techniques that apply to any camera. (This thing turned into a goldmine of field techniques for any camera!)

So, think of this as part 2 of my Nikon Z6iii review along with a TON of helpful wildlife and bird photography tips! Enjoy!

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christian Sommeillier
christian Sommeillier
1 month ago

I Steve, I watched your video with great interest and learned a lot about your comments coming with each of your impressive shots; even if I am a Z8 owner, your advice are wellcome! A question for you: I will be in Florida in April 2025 with my camper and as you mentioned at the beginning of your video Orlando wetlands where you have tested the Z6iii, is there a campground not far from this place, to be able to arrive early in the morning? Thank you again for sharing your knowledge!

Thomas Tetzner
1 month ago

Hi Steve, thanks for this video and sharing your explanations and the amazing shots you took with the z6iii. Very, very impressive. May I ask you a question? We are a wildlife photographer couple from austria and we would like to upgrade from z6ii. Because of all the wellknown reasons regarding the autofocus. Until today, it was pretty clear to buy 2 z8 and a new 180-600 and to use one old sigma 150-600 widely. But with your first look review it would be a completely new option to buy two z6iii and two 180-600 for the same price as… Read more »