4 New Z6iii Setup Videos!

I just dropped FOUR new Z6iii setup videos especially for wildlife and bird photographers! (Although, I have a feeling they’ll help anyone get a start on setting up their new Z6iii.)

The first video covers the Setup Menu.

The second video covers the Photo Shooting Menu.

The third video covers the first part of the Custom Settings Menu.

The fourth video covers the Controls menu in the Custom Settings Menu (the “i” end and button setup).

This is a MASSIVE amount of information and should help anyone out there get a jump start with their new Z6iii. Also, it’s just the tip of the iceberg – I’m actively working on the NEW Z6iii Setup Guide For Wildlife Photography and it’s gonna be a must-have for any Z6iii owner. That’s coming soon, but for now, those videos should get you started 🙂

Also, please share this with anyone you know who is getting or has a Z6iii 🙂

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Alan John Burt
Alan John Burt
4 days ago

Really great help in setting up and using my new Nikon Z6iii!. One question, was a bit confused after going through your auto-focus video for mirrorless where you set up for back-button AF but don’t seem to for the Z6iii. Was this deliberate, and if so, why? If I wanted to how would I adjust the settings? Looking forward tot he book too!

Thomas Kerk
Thomas Kerk
18 days ago

Thanks for this series of videos, an excellent help through the new features and menues, wich changed a lot from D300, D500, Z6ii

Garrett Hayes
Garrett Hayes
21 days ago

What a great help in setting up the camera. Even though I don’t shoot birds at all (feathered variety) I found the setup guide really useful. Looking forward to the book