Nikon Z6iii First Look Review For Wildlife And Bird Photographers

The Nikon Z6iii is here – and this is the review every wildlife and bird photographer is gonna want to see!

In this review, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the new camera: ergonomics, price, shipping date, the new sensor, ISO performance, buffer performance, frame rate, rolling shutter, viewfinder, viewfinder blackout, weather sealing, autofocus performance, pre-capture, subject detection performance, VR, AF low light capability, if 24MP is really a deal breaker, and of course, who should consider this camera. Whew.

And yes, I’ll even give you my take on the Z6iii for bird-in-flight photography (BIF).

In short, I worked hard to make sure this is the ONLY review you’ll need! 😀

Check it out – I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised with the Z6iii and it’s gonna be the next camera in my bag for sure!

If you are going to purchase a Z6iii, please consider using my B&H affiliate link below. I do these reviews at my own expense and your support is greatly appreciated. 🙂

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Malcolm Hayward
Malcolm Hayward
14 days ago

Had eagerly awaited details on this body. Now I have them, I really know I do not want one. So much for the vid shooter yet nothing just basic for me. Still these foolish cards and still no 5×4 format. Me, Novoflex rigs, stands / tripods, manual focus, stacking.
Should push the price of the Z 7 ii down though so not all bad.

slope 3
15 days ago

Thanks for your information!

Thomas Kerk
Thomas Kerk
18 days ago

Thank you for this video, Steve. Before I saw it I wanted the Z6iii, afterI saw it I wanted the Z6iii now! And I’m really happy with it, far happier than with my Z6ii.

Bill Schmidtgall
Bill Schmidtgall
1 month ago

Landscape and wildlife hobbyist, no revenue. 850 and 500, AF-S glass, 500 and 300 pf, 70-200, 28-70, others. What body to replace and are the ‘technology changes’ worth it with capture rate and low light/low noise.