Shutter Speeds For TACK SHARP Bird-In Flight Photos!

Are you tired of blurry bird-in-flight photos?

Wanna know the #1 reason for them?

It’s picking the wrong shutter speed!

Over the years, I’ve troubleshot hundreds, maybe thousands, of other photographers’ images, and when it comes to bird-in-flight work, there’s no question about it: shutter speed is the biggest problem I see. Sometimes it’s too slow and causes motion blur. Other times it’s too fast and turns the image into an unrecoverable mess of noise.

The key is knowing the PROPER shutter speed for your subject – and in less than 12 minutes, you’ll know everything you need to consistently pick the best shutter speeds for your bird-in-flight work!

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bloxd io
10 months ago

Amazing video!!

Notar Hürth
11 months ago

Heading out to shoot some cranes today. Awesome, thanks!

1 year ago

Just love all the tips etc as I get used to my new D850, but so much good stuff to take in. Keep it coming.

1 year ago

About to go shoot the cranes! Very helpful video. Getting the book!

Sujan Bhuiyan
1 year ago

Best information. I really got benefited from this instruction.

1 year ago

lAs always a great video.