Pro Secrets For AMAZING RESULTS with Nikon VR, Sony Steady Shot, and Canon IS!

Quick – do you know the answer to these questions?

Can you use VR / Stabilization with a tripod or monopod?

Can you use VR / Stabilization at every shutter speed?

Which VR modes should you use for static subjects? Panning? Action?

These are, by far, my top three VR / stabilization questions. In just 10 minutes, I’ll show you the secrets for getting the most from your stabilization system. It’s must-see, critical information for anyone using Nikon VR, Sony Steady Shot, or Canon IS.

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1 year ago

Tahnks, Excellent summary with all necessary details.

Martin Dunn
1 year ago

Interesting and informative as always.
You suggest that with newer Nikon cameras (Z8 & Z9) you can leave VR on no matter what the shutter speed.
Have I got that right?

1 year ago


1 year ago

With AF-S telephoto lenses it was apparent that the VR needed to complete its process before the autofocus system would start to operate. Much faster autofocus response with older lenses with VR turned off.