Nikon D850 Unboxing And Setup

OK, I normally don’t do unboxing videos, but I’ve had a few requests for it – along with a a boatload of requests for my initial menu setup. So, in the video below, we’ll do a very brief unboxing so you can see just what you get with the new D850 and then we’ll dive into the menu system and I’ll show you how I set everything up in my camera.

For setup, we’ll go into the menus and I’ll show you all the things I change / adjust – and more importantly, why I make the adjustments I do. We’ll go through the Setup, Playback, Photo Shooting Menu, and Custom Settings menus. NOTE – for this video we’re only going to discuss the options I change, not the ones I leave alone.

Finally, this is just a quick video and isn’t my normal style with all the fancy b-roll, cuts, etc. I just don’t have time right now for one of those (this video would have taken me 30 hours + of production work if I went that route). 



If you enjoyed this video, I think you’ll REALLY like my e-books, Secrets To Stunning Wildlife Photography and Secrets To The Nikon Autofocus System. They’re filled with hundreds of pages of information just like this. Check it out – click here (hey, it’s free to look 🙂 )

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Mitch Wiebell

Hi Steve. Not sure how you find time to travel, shoot stills, create and edit video and be a husband and parent. Impressive! So are your photos, videos and ebooks. Please keep it up. Thank you very much for your hard work.

Dave Smith

Very informative and worthless, can’t keep up with your video while going through the camera menus. You talk faster than the camera menu moves.


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ajay k shah

I liked your nikon d 850 un boxing camera view
Can you tell me how much sharpness point to be kept in camera 3;4;5 ,6,7 I,8or 9


[…] Also see my post on my initial D850 setup here. […]

Dana P Franz

Video will not play. Restarted browser a couple times. Other youtube videos working.


This was great.. just got my D850 today. Coming from a D800 but the walk through was great.

Rob Ward

Thanks for the unboxing video, as usual it was well done. I like to use the histogram in live view and have not been able to determine how to set this up with the D850. Any help?

Ron Bernstein
Thanks Steve. I thought you did an excellent job with this video. I took the opportunity to set up both the D500 and D850 identically, which should prove invaluable in the field, There are some tweaks you use that I did not, such as assigning center focus point to the preview button, so I’m anxious to see how I like that in practice; I was using the center button of the command dial, but I’m going to try it your way to experiment. Also, I tend to use back focus for landscape, but not for action. In a high pressure… Read more »

Curious how you got a d850. I ordered mine with BH and was one of the first on the list. It was going to ship out the 7th and arrive on the 8th which happen to be my 40th birthday and really the only reason my wife was going to let me buy this beast. Now I am being told it will be more than a month before they ship on to me. I am so disappointed.

Buck Jackson

Curious about your 12-bit setting. I have the D800E and a book written by D. Young who points out “that more bit depth equals potentialloy better color gradations (16,384 colors in each RGB channnel). Switching to 12-bit drops to 4.096 colors in each RGB channel. The more bit depth in your images the better they can look, if there is a lot of color in your subject in the first place.” He goes on to state why would anyone throw away that much information.Based on that I have been setting my camera to 14-bit.
Any thoughts on that?

David Pine

Thanks for this. I just requested it on UHH.

Jeffrey Bank

Nice video. I have both of your books and am subscribed. Looking forward to getting my D850. Meantime I am going to keep my D500. Keep the info coming!


I noticed you left the color space at sRGB and didn’t switch to Adobe 1998. Seems like one would want as broad a color space as possible. Just wondering if this was an oversight. BTW, your Autofocus book finally allowed me to make sense and maximize the power of the Nikon autofocus system for my use in my D500 and D4. A great read and highly recommend this to fellow Nikon shooters.

David Maynard

Hi, I am from UK, I have bought new nikon D850, one thing with Mup, I cannot find instruction about Mup, I know its Mirror lock up but the old D800/800e when I use cable called Nikon MC-30A, I press twice on my D800/800e one press for mirror up and second press to fire shutter. But with D850 only press once?

I am doing landscape.

Many thanks

Richard Cohen

Steve, can’t wait to get your first impressions of the camera in action. In particular, interested in dr and high iso performance relative to the d810. I may get one of these down the road if these two are at least as good as the d810..and sell a d500 and d810 to finance it. Thanks.

Rich Cower

Steve, no biggie but it looks like you left an “I” out of “initial” in the title for the 850 unboxing video.

I can’t afford one, but enjoyed the video as always….this…rich