AMAZING: Slow Shutter Speed Wildlife Panning

Have you ever wanted to master slow shutter speed wildlife panning? Everything you need to know – and then some – is right here in this video! It’s the ultimate guide to slow shutter speed panning for wildlife and it’s absolutely bursting with tips, techniques, and settings that will help you capture jaw-dropping slow shutter speed panning shots. From what to look for in subjects and backgrounds to exposure settings, shutter speeds, F/stops, ISO, stabilization, tripods, and overall technique – it’s all here and more!

Check it out – you’ll be knocking out wall-hangers in no time! 

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Vectorize Service
1 year ago

This Trick is Really helpful.

happy wheels
1 year ago

The trick I’ve discovered is to twist my body in the direction the subject is traveling so that I am facing straight on when the subject is in the center of the pan arc and then untwist my body to return to the original position. It is less difficult than turning while shooting.

Wes Gibson
1 year ago

Steve…great video as usual. One thing I would add to this technique, is when shooting, handheld in particular, position your body facing in the direction you expect to end the pan and then twist towards the direction you expect to start the pan. Reason being, as you follow the subject during the pan, you are unwinding and releasing tension in your body, allowing for steadier photography. Doing it the other way, you are building tension in your body during the pan. This is the technique we taught at the US Naval Schools of Photography for photographing jet aircraft in flight.

Last edited 1 year ago by Wes Gibson
William Lax
1 year ago

Good stuff Steve. Of course the new kids on the block will just do it in PS and some may pay attention to the details and do it well and wonder why all the fuss? Crazy baby.

1 year ago

Trick I came across is to twist my body in the direction the subject is moving so I am straight on when the subject is in the middle of the pan arc as I untwist my body. Easier than twisting as one shoots.

Michael J Cohen
1 year ago

Thanks Steve. Always educational.

Matthew Code
Matthew Code
1 year ago

Love your stuff Steve. Love your approach to instructions, so realistic easy to understand and not too technical for the amateur photographer. You do a fantastic job. I’ve watched your videos over the years and truly have gotten a lot out of them thank you.