7 More Of The Best Nikon Tricks Ever

First some backstory.

About 10 months ago, I created a video called The 7 Best Nikon Tricks Ever. This video has become my most popular upload with nearly 1 million views already. 

Well, as it turns out, when I did that last video I had a lot more than just 7 tricks up my sleeve, but I didn’t want to make a video that went on so long it became tedious. So, I kept it down to just those first seven. However, since everyone seemed to enjoy the first group, I thought I’d knock out the rest of my list with the video below. 

The new video is directly one below, but I’ve also added the original video under it incase you missed it. Doesn’t really matter which order you watch them in, just make sure you watch ’em ๐Ÿ™‚

Spoiler Alert – Saving Settings

OK, one more thing. The first tip in the video is about saving your settings. However, it’s already generated a couple of questions. So, let’s take a look at those now – and note that these answers will make far more sense if you watch the video first. 

Question #1:

Does formatting the memory card delete the saved settings?


That one’s easy. Yes, anytime you format the card, you lose any information on the card -including any saved settings. 

Question #2:

Is it possible to save the settings file to my computer?


Yes. You can copy the BIN file found in the root directory of the card to your computer. If you ever need it, you can copy it back to a memory card (to the root directory, not in a folder) and load the settings you’ve previously backed up. 

Note that each camera series has its own unique name for BIN files. I mention this in case you’re tempted to change the default (and rather cryptic) file name to something more recognizable – like “D7200” for instance. If you rename the file, the camera will not recognize it, and you won’t be able to load the saved settings (well, unless you rename it back to what the camera named it in the first place). 

Of course, you can always just create a list to help you differentiate between the names Nikon uses for your various camera bodies. 

Finally, I’ve also found you can keep saved settings from different series of camera bodies on the same card. For instance, I can save my D850, D750, and D7200 settings on the same memory card. (Obviously, don’t format it each time you save settings from a new camera). 

So if you have an old SD card, you can pop it into all of your bodies and use it as a master backup card. When you pop it back in to restore, the camera will know which backup file to use.

The first “The 7 Best Nikon Tricks Ever” video:


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hp printer assistant

There is great news for all the Nikkon memory card users by utilizing that users are capable to access in an efficient manner. It mainly contributing all the necessary tricks and the pieces of advice as well which make them the accessibility easier obviously.

Jeff Harder

Formatting any media does not lose anything, it is only a marker to write over a file. Download recuve you can recover deleted files or formatted media as long as the file as not been written over.


I noticed that when you save the camera settings on your video that it didn’t ask for a name of the file to be saved. Given this can I save several groups of settings? I may have certain settings for one type of photo shooting and another set of settings for another type of photo shooting. Can you save both under different names?

You indicated that not all settings will be saved? This is puzzling. Why wouldn’t all settings be saved?


OK, I have a D800 and cannot find store by orientation……


If I format my memory card, will I lose all my current settings?

Lindsay Bancroft

Hi Steve, Thanks for producing your tips for Nikon. I like the vertual horizon tip but for some reason even when I have followed the process it does not appear in the viewfinder. I have a D7200 that has this option avail. Any idea what I am doing wrong? Thanks again Lindsay.

One tip and one question. Question; my D850 gives me a message every time I turn it off, something about Wi-Fi connection. I donโ€™t even have the Wi-Fi feature turned on. Can you tell me about this? Tip; Lens condensation. Today I visited the rainforest exhibit at our local zoo. The outdoor temp was quite chilly and the interior temp is about 90 degrees with high humidity. I have always had problems with the lens fogging over and it seems like everyone else is half way through the exhibit before my lens clears up! Today I taped a small heat… Read more »
Tom Dullage

Brilliant! Really useful information, as always, thanks Steve

Bob Pease
Hi Steve, with regard to saving your camera settings, can you copy those settings from the card and store them on your PC hard drive to retrieve later on if your settings get screwed up. Leaving them on the card will obviously delete them when the card is formatted. I formatted the SD card and saved my camera setting, then removed the card from the camera and inserted it into my PC. The only file on the card is NIKON001.DSC. Are these the settings for my camera. I’m a bit hesitant to reset all my camera settings and try to… Read more »
Terry Wahlen
Thanks again Steve – yet another terrific video from a very good teacher! You certainly know how to make photography fun. I’ve purchased your e-books and find them not only very useful but great to read – you have a nice, relaxed style that makes the information easy to digest. I’ve downloaded both books onto my iPhone for quick reference when out in the field. Just one thing – on this latest video I have noticed a typo on the slide at 9:22 where it says “Easy ISO And Easy Expsoure Comp”. Hope you’re ok with me pointing that out.… Read more »
Rudy C

Very well done. But if one puts down this kind of money for serious camera bodies they should have a good working knowledge of the menus. The bodies of today are powerful computers. The more you know about set-up the faster you can navigate and get better photo results. I am very surprised when speaking with other photographers and they donโ€™t know or care about the features built into todayโ€™s technology.

George Bencze

Wow! I have NEVER been able to get straight pictures (due to my eye astigmatism) and have to correct it in Photoshop. This can be a problem if I had cropped closely in-camera. I tried your levelling tip and I can honestly say I won’t ever be taking crooked pictures ever again. Worked like a charm. This was the best tip ever!!! Thank you sir!!!


Great second video of Nikon tips! I love this stuff! A quick question: for the saving of camera settings to a memory card–does it have to be an otherwise blank memory card or can it be the same card on which you’re saving shots?