Nikon Mirrorless AF Modes And Settings

Are you struggling with the AF modes and settings in your Nikon Z-Series camera? This video will teach you everything you need to know to get started with the Nikon mirrorless autofocus system!

In this video, we’ll cover focus modes (AF-S & AF-C), AF Area Modes (Single Point, Dynamic, Wide, Auto, Pinpoint, Tracking, Eye Detection, More), PLUS a ton of autofocus custom settings!

If you want to get the best performance out of the Nikon Z-Series AF system, the tips in this video are just what you need. Not only will we cover what each option does, but we’ll also talk about why you may or may not what to use it – and toss in a bunch of examples along the way.

Ready to rock the AF system in your Z-Series camera? Click “Play” now!


Click Here for the link to the video about Back Button AF mentioned in the video.

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Kapil K
Kapil K

Great content, as usual.


It appears that this video is a very comprehensive presentation of the subject matter – Don’t be Fooled!!! It is only a small part of all the information Perry puts in his new book! I think the video and the book complement one another. However, clearly understanding even part of the added knowledge in the book will bring us all better photos in the future.
Thank you, Mr. Perry, for sharing. Good luck, and stay safe.

Larry Petroff

Very clear and concise presentation. You are an excellent teacher. I have your book and I’m about half way through it. (I’m a slow reader.) The video is a good overview to accompany the book

Pierre de Rumine

Excellent presentation. I have your books, but I grasp the instructions better after reading and hearing your ideas. Thanks