Got White? Try This Color Balance Trick

Wanna see a cool way to set the color balance of your photo? Well, I have a trick you can try – all you need is something white in your photo.

This video will show you how just minute or two in Photoshop can fix an unwanted color cast – just by cleaning up your whites. I use it all the time – check it out and see if you like it too!

So, here’s the video:


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I am using PS 2020 v 21.1.2 (latest update) on Wi9 7. Clicking the White point sampler in the curves panel does not bring up the colour picker, instead the WB changes instantly.

I have tried holding Control and Alt whist selecting the eyedropper in the curves panel, but no sign of the colour picker. Of course opening the colour picker directly prevents the use of the curves panel.


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Soli Contractor
Soli Contractor

You are wonderful. I love your commentary and shall always look for advice from you. Thanks.