10 Ways To Instantly Improve Your Wildlife Photography

In this video, I’ll share ten compositional and artistic techniques you can instantly leverage to create better photos. The truth is, while things like new gear and technology are nice, when it comes to creating truly great images those considerations take a distant back seat to the kind of time-test field techniques you’ll discover in this video. 

So hit play and get ready to catapult your images to another level.


Here’s the first in the series, this one is more tech-oriented:

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Roblox Doors
1 year ago

It’s great to see you publishing today. I just read and quite loved your list of “10 Ways To Instantly Improve Your Wildlife Photography.” It was concise, to the point, and accurate. You motivate us all to always improve our photography, so take care of yourself and keep up the wonderful job.

Jeff Carbine
2 years ago

I appreciate that you explained 10 compositional and aesthetic methods you can use right now to improve your images My best friend is looking for some info, this should help him. I appreciate that you helped me learn more about wildlife photography.

Jim Dunne
2 years ago

Great to see you posting today, have just enjoyed your ’10 Ways To Instantly Improve Your Wildlife Photography’ Short, to the point and on the ball. Stay well and keep up the good work, you keep us all inspired and encourage us to constantly strive to do better with our photography.

Jeff Stulin
Jeff Stulin
2 years ago

In watching these videos I am always impressed by your exceptional talent, professionalism, and skill as a teacher. Thanks!

2 years ago

Thank you Steve!

2 years ago

Thanks Steve, precious as usual! I’d suggest an 11th tip: never lose control of what’s going on around you, other than your specific subject. Sometimes we’re so focussed on one subject, waiting for something special to happen, that we do not realize something else – very interesting! – is taking place just outside our (small) field of view through the viewfider. But that maybe one of another series of advices… 😉

2 years ago

Great tips! I knew that I really like eye level photos for some reason, but your explanation told me why. I had never thought about how photos taken below eye level really gives dominance to the animal.

Also, good catch on the golden mantled ground squirrel! It’s a very common mistake to call it a chipmunk and I see it everywhere. Stripes on the face and body = chipmunk. Stripes only on the body = squirrel.