Wildlife Photography Power Move: The Magic of Proper Camera Height

The techniques in this video revolutionized my wildlife photography!


Every now and then, we encounter a technique that catapults our photography to the next level and changes how we shoot forever. Learning the truth about the relationship between camera height and the subject’s eye level will forever change how you think about composition.

In this video, we’ll explore how using a higher, lower, or eye-level perspective impacts and changes the story – often taking a photo from a snapshot to a work of art! In fact, the example in the middle of the video will blow you away! We’ll also cover some field techniques that’ll make implementing these techniques easy.

Check it out: this video will change the way you shoot forever! 

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Dennis Smith
10 months ago

Thanks for an excellent and extremely informative video.

10 months ago

Thanks for reminding me to use geometry and some surveying techniques that can be appropriate.
And thanks for hooking up with B&H. I got to your site through one of their emails.

Notar Köln
11 months ago

Thanks so much for sharing another great video! Will be focusing a lot more on shooting at eye level in the future.