Image Backup For Traveling Photographers

If you’re a traveling photographer, I’m sure you’ve thought about image backup on more than one occasion. In the video below, I go over ll of my tips and tricks that I use for backup when I’m on the road – including a “super secret” method I use to keep all of my images on my person at all times!

In my opinion, keeping images safe is the #1 priority on any trip. My equipment is insured, but once-in-a-lifetime photos, by definition, only come along once in a lifetime! So, for me personally, losing my images from a  good trip would hurt even more than getting my gear stolen!

So, check out the video below and check out all of my tricks 🙂

Special note

I’ve had people ask why I don’t just use a cloud backup service instead of / in addition to the methods in the video. The reason is simple – slow WiFi.

If I’m on a wildlife trip, it’s not unusual for me to shoot 5~25GB of data per day. Most of the WiFi I run into tends to be painfully slow. (Heck, sometimes I can’t even stream Netflix!) The very vast majority of the time, there’s no chance typical hotel WiFi would be able to upload all of my images to a cloud service – it would take far too long.

So, I stick with the methods mentioned in this video.


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  1. Joe tsang December 24, 2016 at 2:26 am #

    Thank you for the very informative video. Like you I am also very protective with my images, especially those that captured special moments or scenes. Having an organized backup system as you described is the key of not losing the images. Once again, thank you.

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