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Reader Testimonials

Best $13 dollars I have ever spent.
Dear Steve,

Brovo regarding your e-book. I have read your e-book, as well as many other books about
photography, and have been shooting since the mid 1960s. So, it was with great
delight to learn a number of new approaches to the art of photography and appreciated
your concrete/'sequential style of writing. Clearly your e-book is for beginners and
experienced photographers. Thank you!


Dear Steve,

I purchased your above mentioned e-book yesterday. I have gone through most of the book and let me tell you, I just loved it.

I am into serious photography since the last over 40 years; in fact, I teach photography. I love all the genres of photography but my favourites are landscape and wildlife.

Your method of explaining is just too good; you are not afraid to say that such and such normally accepted method is wrong; you are precise and to the point. Very few authors write in such a wonderful way.

For me, quite a few things you mentioned were not new (I am not trying to take away the credit you deserve) but the way you have put your views and expanded the nitty- gritties, I am floored!

This is one of the best books in my vast collection of photography books.

Thank you and wish you all the best.


Mumbai, India
Enjoyed your e-book "Secrets to Stunning Wildlife Photography"

I've been doing wildlife photography for many years, often from a kayak. I learned many of your techniques the "hard way". However, it's nice to read that you suggest similar techniques and tricks. Example: Birds often poop before taking off. I see this all the time.

Also, predicting where a bird will go. Example: I've gone kayaking with friends before dawn to photograph pelicans. I successfully thought that my friends would spook them. I knew they would take off into the wind; so I positioned myself so they'd climb towards me. Got some great shots, perhaps at their expense.

Another is motion. Although I one of my kayaks is yellow, it doesn't seem to bother them if I'm still. I've had otters, mink and other critters swim out to check me out.
I like to have the wind slowly drift me closer to birds. Amazing how close I can get. Sometimes, too close to focus. Also, once the exposure is right, don't "chimp" photos. Everything I need is in my Nikon D4's viewfinder.

After taking shots of whatever, set the camera for spit-second opportunities. Example: An eagle or pelican appearing from nowhere. Have the exposure, Auto-focus, continuous shooting, etc. ready. After shooting a landscape, reset the camera for the unexpected.

Thanks for covering manual settings with auto-ISO. Seems that few people use this combination. I often use it. I thought perhaps I'm crazy. Glad to see you included it in your "bag of tricks".

I tell folks that there are four things to learn when creating art, be it a camera, painting, etc.: Lighting, Composition, Technique (camera, brushes, etc.), and "Know Your Subject". You hit all the essentials.



Santa Rosa, CA
Finished reading the book and it is fantastic. It is worth every penny. In fact, I wouldn't have a problem paying $50 to $65. Great job Steve
(Via You Tube)
Great book! Went out shooting yesterday (i live in Idaho and it was a balmy 5 degrees). I was shooting from my Jeep and had a ton of soft pics. I read your article on shooting from a vehicle and I am pretty sure it was due to heat escaping from the windows. I think this tip was worth the price of the book alone. Thanks for the tips. Kind regards, Rich
Having followed Backcountry gallery for some time on You Tube, I was really excited to learn that Steve was writing an E book. Steve's ability to clearly explain photography and processing tips, were a huge part of me being able to win an editors choice award, for a landscape photography "Best Image of 2014 Challenge" I won in my first year, as a serious hobbyist photographer.

The release of this ebook coincided with my purchase of a long lens. I wanted to try my hand at wildlife photography. I was struggling with soft, and uninteresting wildlife images, and I was lost, and discouraged. Steve's book totally changed that, and equipped me with real world, useful knowledge. Taking wildlife images is now fun for me. Opening great pictures instead of the weak ones I was taking, is very rewarding.

In his Ebook "Secrets to Stunning Wildlife Photography", Steve covers everything you need to know to produce fantastic wildlife images. Camera settings, focus setting, exposure settings, shutter settings, ISO tricks, you name it is in this book. He also has all kinds of tips for creating a story telling image, based on how to place yourself, to get the best compositions, by knowing the habits of animal s, in various circumstances.

He shares knowledge he has gained over 30 years of shooting, to help you understand wildlife behavior. I found this book to be very easy to read, Steve communicates in a way that is entertaining and concise. What settings work best for various circumstances, and how exposure settings are different for the size and color of you subject. This book has helped me understand wildlife photography so I can hang some fantastic shots on my walls. I think you will find that this book is a real bargain. It has so much information that is useful, that would take years of mistakes to learn. I am not the most patient person, and it is nice to get instant gratification. I prefer producing nice shots as a result of someone else's mistakes and lesson's in the field. I really think you will find this book to be a huge asset, regardless of how long you have been taking wildlife photos.

Bill S
Hello Steve

I recently purchased your book and want to write with my thoughts about it.

I am passionate about photography and my current camera is a Nikon D800 and among my lenses I have a 300mm f2.8 prime lens with a 2x teleconverter. As with anything I buy I like to understand how to use it thoroughly so I purchased Thom Hogan’s Nikon D800 Guide and David Busch’s Nikon D800 Guide to Digital Photography to help me get the best out of my camera. Now I know yours is a different subject than the other books, and although they are informative and very technical, they do not offer the same enjoyable reading style as yours.

The StSWP is, for me, a masterpiece. The photos in the book are truly stunning and your style of writing is very easy going and a pleasure to read. I decided I was going to print it, and the pictures have come out very well indeed. My wife was given the task of putting the pages into plastic wallets then into a hard-backed folder. Whilst doing this she took the liberty!!! of reading it. In a previous life she was a proof reader and any form of typing is a magnet to her and said that she really enjoyed the book.

I live in a rural part of France and there are plenty of opportunities for me to take photos of wild flowers, birds and farm animals. We don’t have black bears here but there are wild boar in our local wood. But your comments ring true no matter whether you are shooting wild animals or wild birds.

Thank you so much for an enjoyable book. I would consider this to be a ‘must buy’ book for all wildlife photography enthusiasts. It will give me much pleasure in reading it over and over again and I’ll be able to refer to its informative pages from time to time.

With kind regards.

Amailloux, France
Hello Steve I just want to say thanks for all the info you provide in your website. I bought your ebook and I learned so many things. All your wildlife pictures bring a smile of joy every time I look at them. Very inspirational. Thanks and keep up the great work. Happy Holidays Best Regards, F. Leon
Hello Steve,

I've just spent the afternoon looking through your book. I really appreciate it and I'm not even a wildlife photog. I bought the book because I have gotten a lot out of your videos, back-button especially, and I really like your clear no nonsense approach to teaching. Your book does the same thing for me. It is full of important photography concepts and ideas.

Thank you.

Hey Steve! Thanks for an excellent book. I downloaded it last night, and got stuck reading it right away. I desperately need to improve my wildlife photography and your book came at exactly the right time! Good work!
Hey Steve, Just wanted to let you know that I think your videos and new wildlife book are excellent. You explain things really, really well.

Hi Steve

I have been reading your Blog etc for over a year and must say the new book is great, OK a lot of it I know already, but how much do I put into practice and how much does having someone like yourself confirming what I am doing help. The answer is a lot, living in the Uk but travelling all over the World in my retirement has give me some great shots and I am sure your book will help to give me even more.

Great book, Thanks

Allen Johnson
Hi Steve

I've never bought ebooks before and have to say your book is really stunning!
Wildlife community in my country is tiny so the book became priceless source of tips and inspiration.

Best regards,
Hi Steve

Just a quick note to say I absolutely loved your ebook. Over the past few years the wildlife photography bug has really bitten me but I have been finding it very difficult to figure out the ins and outs of what to do and how to do it. I am not hugely experienced with a camera and find myself fumbling through the settings on a regular basis not really knowing what would help for what. Your book has really been an amazing read for me, its packed full of very useful information and tips, written in a way that anyone can understand. I found myself sitting with my camera at my side to get the practical side of what you were saying. Your sense of humour is very entertaining too, making it a pleasure to read.
Thank you again for a great ebook. I can’t wait to head out to Kruger National Park this weekend with my new toolbox.

Coleen W.
South Africa
Hi Steve I would just like to thank you for your great book "Secrets to Stunning Wildlife Photography" which I purchased. I have recently started spending more time on wildlife photography using my Nikon D500 and your book has been of huge benefit helping me improve my photography and along with your very informative videos through your website to which I am subscribed, I could not ask for a more informative helping hand. To use your words "You Rock" Mr Perry. Regards Jim
Hi Steve,

FABULOUS E-BOOK!! Just downloaded (yesterday, I think!) and read through your e-book Secrets to Stunning Wildlife Photography, dare I say, “cover-to-cover? which, somehow, doesn’t sound quite right when read on an iPad! I should say “I completed the first reading!” as I intend to start through it again shortly. It’s a fabulous book, probably the most complete and thorough I’ve read on wildlife photography and definitely one I from which I hope to glean far more as I read it repeatedly. Your images, needless to say, are indeed “stunning" as your title indicates. Thank you for sharing — in a far from superficial way! — your insights.

~Don From NV
Hi Steve,

HUGE kudos on your book. I have read a lot of them and for wildlife photography - your book is by far the best I have ever read. It is superb !!!!
Hi Steve,

I came across your site through a link from Nikon Rumors and watch a couple of your videos. That led me to purchasing and downloading your eBook on wildlife photography. I am glad I did and it was money well spent.

I found your conversational writing style to be easy to read. The short chapters provided a lot of information which I found to be very useful and easily brought over from the book to the field. Thank you for such a gem of knowledge.

~John from LA
Hi Steve,

I just finished your wonderful eBook on photographing wildlife. It is chock full of great information. I'm primarily a landscape photographer but when I am in Florida in the winter I do a lot of birds. They are not easy when in flight and getting a sharp focus on the eye is a challenge. I don't have a fast lens. I'm using the Tamron 150-600. I've gotten some good shots with it but I've lost just as many and probably more. Maybe one day I'll be able to pick up a 500 or 600 prime but meanwhile at least I now have some reach beyond my 70-200 (I'm in Canon).

I knew a lot of the info on exposure but some of your pointers on AF were extremely helpful and I certainly plan to try out your Manual plus Auto ISO system. What a great suggestion. I also learned a lot of interesting facts such as heat waves, shooting from cars, great pointers on securing your gear when on the road. It is simply an amazingly complete book and such a great value.

I got into your site in the first place because I saw your excellent video on back button focus. I've been using it ever since.

Thank you again for a lot of valuable pointers. I also like your writing style, easy and conversational. Felt like I was sitting in a room talking to a friend.

Best regards,

Hi Steve,

I just started to read your new e-book and I have to say thank you soo much for your work!!

Last year, I discovered your YouTube channel. Since then I become a huge fan of your work and very helpful tutorials.

Some more words to your book. Like your videos, the book is also easy to understand and not boring to read. Quite the opposite, it is enjoyable. There are so much books out there which are all nearly the same. But you wrote about YOUR experiences and that is why I recommend your book to everyone.

Soo thats about it for now... I can't wait to continue the book!

I wish you all the best and a nice weekend. Maybe you can take some stunning images 🙂

Many greetings from Iceland
~ Manuel
Hi Steve,

I just want to say THANK YOU for a very practical, wonderful book about photographing wildlife!!! Your teaching is brilliantly easy-to-understand and very useable! I can't wait to get out and try all the new things I learned.

We're going to Costa Rica and hoping to capture some incredible bird and monkey photos, and who-know-what-else. Looking forward to trying out your camera settings and tips!

And I LOVE that you shoot Nikon like me...makes it much easier all around! 🙂

Thanks again and so glad I found you on the web!

Terry G.
Hi Steve,

I just wanted to thank you for taking on the project of writing your ebook. I just finished reading the book, and it was so very good. I have read numerous books on the subject and I so enjoyed your presonal examples and real world applications. So refreshing and good.
Hi Steve,

My name is Stefan, I live in Sweden and I bought your book about a week ago.
My plan was to read the book over the summer but when I started I just couldn't stop. I read it from the first page to the last and I have to tell you that this is the best book I've ever read about wildlife photography. It was full with information and I learned a lot.


Hi Steve,
Came across your book just by chance,and I have to say its the best book I have ever read on the subject.
Not alone do you give great tips, but you go to great lengths to explain the reasons in great detail.

I am from the film era, but you have made the transition so much easier with this great book

Regards and thanks,

Hi Steve,
I downloaded your book “Secrets to Stunning Wildlife Photography” yesterday. Just over 24 hours later , and I am reading it again, in more detail, for the third time !!!

I live in South Africa and a lot of my spare time is spent in the open veld, and visiting the Kruger National Park, photographing the beautiful animals of the African bush .

I have purchased a number of books on wildlife photography, yet I have never come across a more informative, easy-to- understand guide than “Secrets to Stunning Wildlife Photography ”

The info is concise, relevant and it is conveyed in such a down-to-earth, easily understandable , conversational manner. Your method of using your images to convey the knowledge , including the not-so-good shots, speak volumes of your humility and your genuine desire to impart your skills to your readers ! It is refreshing to come across a professional photographer who does happen to make mistakes at times !! 🙂 🙂

Your images are absolutely stunning and speak volumes of your ability as a top class professional wildlife photographer.

One extremely useful tip I have picked up , in addition to the many others, concerns using the AE-L/AF-L button for locking focus.
Suddenly, I felt a weight lift off my shoulders as I began using this method !!!

For years I have been frustrated by the animal moving and then having to recompose , only to find it hightailing away from me once I had sorted myself out !! Now that problem has been solved ! All I have to do is keep the button pushed in and snap away !
Hopefully this will reduce my number of fast growing rump shots!!

Thank you so much for the time and effort you have put into producing such a fantastic guide. Thank you for distilling 30 years of your personal experience in the wild into such a comprehensive, thoroughly absorbing book.

I wish you well in your future endeavours, and who knows, perhaps, I will one day have the opportunity of meeting you personally , when you decide to photograph some of the beautiful animals of Africa !

Best regards
HI Steve, I got your book one week ago. I read it in 2 night and with all the tips you gave, I immediately went on the field and tried... I'm an "amateur" wildlife photographer and I love taking picture of BALD EAGLES... Well, 5 months ago I've upgraded my gear to, as I used to call it "the BEAST", NIkon D500. I bought also the Nikon 200-500 mm 5.6 and a Sigma APO 1.4 EX DG Teleconverter (the Nikon is too expensive)... I can tell, before reading your book, my pictures were "Normal"... Sharp enough... After reading your book and after applying the suggestions you gave my pictures went from Normal to AMAZING... they are TACK SHARP... So THANK YOU VERY MUCH... Ciao Alessandro
Hi Steve, I just purchased your e-book, “Secrets to Stunning Wildlife Photography” and I must say it’s an excellent resource and very informative. Furthermore, I have watched every video on YouTube on your channel. Clearly you know your stuff and I feel privileged to have stumbled across your channel so I can learn from you.

I did have one question I was hoping you could tell me what you have your setting as. I didn’t see it anywhere in the e-book.

Thank you again for such an informative book.

Hi Steve, I just purchased your ebook and it is wonderful. It\'s packed with great info that will definitely help. I always learn something from you whenever I watch any of your videos. Thank you

Hi Steve, I just want to let you to know how much I enjoy reading you eBook. The content is simply superb and detailed that readily translates to other non-Nikon systems. Now I have a better understanding on all the parameters on the 7D MKII and getting sharp images. You are absolutely what we photographers need to spending more time in the field practicing the arts while enjoying the beauty of nature. Once again, thank you for everything. Joe
Hi Steve, Just wanted to give you a little feedback on the book. Thoroughly enjoyed reading it, full of details that that I did not know and written in such a fun way that I finished the whole thing the same evening I bought it. I have yet to see a better guide for wildlife photography, everything is straight to the point and easy to understand. Best wishes from Iceland, Gisli
Hi Steve, just wanted to say I purchased your latest book today and it is actually one of the best books on photography I have read, and I have read dozens and dozens in my quest to improve.

Thank you so much, in my eyes it goes way beyond wildlife and I will use this in all my photography from now on. Much of it I had read at some stage in different ways but you confirmed why I enjoyed using the methods and how I shouldn't have changed just because some people disagreed with them, when in fact I had found them to fit and work for me, it has given me the confidence to go back to them and keep taking photos to improve. Thanks again
Hi Steve-

I just purchased "secrets to stunning wildlife photography" (and read the whole thing!), and I want to thank you for such pleasant reading about my favorite subject, photography.

Hi Steve...
I just downloaded your "Secrets to Stunning Wildlife Photography" book. I really enjoyed reading your take and experience on photographing wildlife. I know I will benefit from it tremendously.

Salisbury, NC
Hi Steve... bought your ebook it. Been shooting 2-3 years with digital and watched your videos for the last 6-8 months. So much appreciate all your hard work.
~Bill (via Youtube)
Hi, Steve the book is very cool and for $12.97 how can I go wrong? The photos alone are worth the price Great job !!! It looks like a lifetime of experience in that book!
I bought your Ebook and I can not Thank You enough! It is the best book I have ever read on photography!
I try and try to take pics of the birds in my yard but have been so frustrated! I was shooting aperture priority, which I love but if the bird good!
If I try shutter priority pics too dark! I just couldn't nail it! Plus my shots seemed a tad soft....
So, after reading your book, I tried back button focus! Loved it! Most of my pics were sharp!
Today, I tried your manual, auto ISO! OMG! I am in love!
I can't Thank You enough!
I need to practice tracking birds in flight now! Going to Conowingo Dam in November with family and friends to photograph Eagles! Already anticipating better pics than previous years!
I am now going to go watch all your DVD's! If you have anything else, let me know!
Many thanks from an old but happier gal!

I just finished reading your Ebook "Secrets To Stunning Wildlife Photography". I found this publication to be very informative and helpful. For me it cleared u.p a lot of gray areas that I wasn't sure of where wildlife was concerned. I'm going to re- read it as I want to make sure that I didn't miss anything lol. Your book was well laid out and easy to follow and understand , good job.

I just finished the book and I am so glad that I purchased it. A lot of things refreshed my memory, but many others were new thoughts and ideas to incorporate into my photography. Thank you. Please keep up the good work.

I just finished your book and wanted to say what a great job you did on it. You should have charged more!

I just read your book "Secrets to stunning wildlife photography". Really thought it was excellent. You're a good writer. You should write more. Really a nice balance of technical detail with personal touch and experiences. I know it will be helpful in the field. I'm a fellow Nikon shooter... Long time hunter, now photographer!

Thanks again. Wade
I've read your entire book and would like to compliment you on a very thorough presentation. As an experienced shooter, I wasn't sure if I'd pick up anything useful, but as is usually the case, this old dog did learn a few new tricks! We have a few things in common, I'm a dedicated Nikon shooter and was also the last one picked in gym class. I enjoyed your casual writing style and sense of humor along with your amazing images. While I don't shoot wildlife often I think many of your tips can be applied to other areas of interest as well.
I've read your entire book and would like to compliment you on a very thorough presentation. As an experienced shooter, I wasn't sure if I'd pick up anything useful, but as is usually the case, this old dog did learn a few new tricks! We have a few things in common, I'm a dedicated Nikon shooter and was also the last one picked in gym class. I enjoyed your casual writing style and sense of humor along with your amazing images. While I don't shoot wildlife often I think many of your tips can be applied to other areas of interest as well. ~Warren D.
Just a quick note regarding your recent publication of your book on wildlife photography. After reading through about 240 odd pages the thought occurred to me "why aren't all photo guides/ info /how too's written like this?". Your analogies and writing style seemed to simplify even the most complex topics. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and intend to read it over again just to make sure that all the little nuggets of information that would of taken me years to work out for my self are logged in the old noggin (British speak for "head"). I too spend many an hour creeping and waiting patiently for something, anything to unravel in front of my lense and like you say " if you ain't out there you have no chance". Anyway thanks again for your insight, it will be a constant go to for me for the next couple of months.. How do you say "here's wishing you great critters in great light".

Kind regards,

~ Simon.
Love the book, Steve. While I gleaned many new ideas, tips and procedures, it also reinforced some basic principles that had slipped away over the years. Well put together. I enjoyed the book immensely.

Mr. Perry,

I am very grateful for your new book and I am enjoying it a great deal. I have not had the time to to sit down and go through it with the concentration that it deserves. However, after reading parts of the book and glancing quickly through the rest I realize that this book represents only a part of what you have mastered.

Thank you again for your videos and your articles along with this new book.

Edward W.
Nicely done book..........great value.....worth more than the $13 you're charging!

One of the best I've read! As a semi-pro, I have recommended it to everyone I meet, well written, great image examples, and straight forward technical and equipment advice. Thanks! Although my wallet is a few pounds lighter, albeit for the better!

Outstanding Book
I own D300 D700 D800E D810 Now the new D500. needed a few questions to be answered, you nailed it in this book. A lot of books tell what the options are. But never telling you what to use. Well Done
Really enjoyed the new book! Didn't take very long to get thru but I will chalk that up to the fact that it was full of interesting and helpful tips. The back button AF-S replacement alone was worth the price of admission. Can't wait to try out some of the other tips soon!

Regards, Seth
Secrets To Stunning Wildlife Photography ... WOW

Great job. My favorite tip in the book I had already been employing since I first discovered you when a pro photographer friend said I should check out your Back Button Auto Focus video. It took a couple of days but then I never looked back. This book is very well written, easy to follow and wish I had it available when I first started wildlife photography 5 years ago. I loved the bonus chapter on your settings at the end. I printed that chapter off and went through my D4S to check every thing out. I learned a bunch of new stuff and reinforced some old stuff. One of my favorites is the \"multi selector center button\" Playback mode to zoom in quickly instead of fumbling with the magnifying glass buttons !!! To more to mention now. Need to go back to my Light Room tutorial videos so I can process the Raw images I took yesterday ... including a rare bird for Boise Idaho a White-winged Dove.

Steve , I bought the download and looked thru it. The photographs alone were worth the price of the book!

~Jeff C.

A few days ago I ran into mention of your YouTube video on back button focusing and I watched it. Wow! I thought as I sat there riveted to the monitor, this guy really knows his stuff, and, better yet, he is a genius at explaining technical stuff in an entertaining and crystal clear fashion! Ten minutes later I ordered your eBook, "Secrets To Stunning Wildlife Photography." Two minutes after opening the Ebook I was ready to nominate you for a Nobel Prize in technical writing (not sure if they give one like that.)

Stunning is precisely the correct word to describe both the images and text found in your book. A job way past Well Done! Having worked for ten years as a photojournalist in the 1960's and 1970's I wound up switching from focusing on humans (news and social commentary) in the early 70's to nature.

My transition from film based image making to digital has not, let us say, been entirely without frustration. In many ways, in fact, I've found the experience to be a bit overwhelming. A researcher by nature I have turned to books as a source of information and over the past few years I've read everything on digital photography I could get my hands on. Most of what I've read has proven of very limited help, and much of it was just plain crap. All of that changed a few days ago when I began reading Secrets of Stunning Wildlife Photography... Thanks! merely hints at how indebted I feel to you for this wonderful book!

Searching for a better way to sum up my feelings about your book I've settled upon quoting from an email I recently sent to a wildlife photographer friend: Chuck, let me put it this way. You lose your job, your wife leaves you, and your checking account is down to $12.95. That very afternoon you get my email highly recommending that you buy Steve Perry's Secrets To Stunning Wildlife Photography and knowing me you actually consider spending your last dollars to buy the book. Alas, not five minutes later you get an email from B&H Photo saying that due to an overstock of Canon EOS !D camera bodies they have decide to mark them down from $7,999.00 to $12.95!

What to do, what to do?

My advice is spend the money on "Secrets To Stunning Wildlife Photography" because in the end it will do way more to improve your wildlife images than the Canon EOS 1D! Thanks for a great book, and I am eagerly waiting for your eBook on Lightroom to come out... Hurry please, hurry!

A photographer friend, Winston

I downloaded your E-Book yesterday and finished it later that evening. I must say that I was more than a little impressed. The information you shared is nothing less than amazing. I only hope I can put all I have learned into practice. The great part about this experience is I can always go back and re-read any parts that I need to "bone up" up on. Thank you very much for your time and consideration.

Sincerely, C.

I just finished reading your E Book. I have scanned parts of it since buying it but this weekend I read it all. Lots of information that I know but always good to refresh your recollection on. I have read many wildlife books from the Gerlachs, Moose Peterson, Laurei Excell and others. I have to say having your E Book is handy to have as refresher before you go out on a shoot. The images you include really help enforce the instructional information. It covers everything I can think of and more for the serious wildlife shooter. It is clear you took a lot of time and effort to put this reasonably priced jewel together. Thanks !!

I will be pushing your web site, e book and YouTube videos in classes I teach on wildlife photography. Love the floating ISO You Tube. I am a firm beleiver in it now. The Gerlachs taught me backbutton focusing and I never looked back.

Keep up the good work.


I just wanted to take a moment and personally thank you for your e-book. I live in Oregon where there are more trees than people so I can easily relate to your style of photography. I have recently upgraded to a D7200 and this book has been so much fun to read and has helped me to get to know my new camera! Let me just say, if this was a hard cover book it would have been so dog eared and scribbled in that I couldn’t read it again!

Thank you very much for your tips and tricks in this book! Keep making those youtube videos too!

Redmond, Or

I think your work is fantastic and I'm so glad you wrote this book. I think it was a bargain and It's the best $13 I've spent.

Stay Well,


I’ve never shot any wildlife, but I found your youtube video on back button focus. I loved it and have been shooting that way ever since! I had to buy your book just to support you for that one video. The book is awesome! I’m learning a lot and I just might try to shot some wildlife after all. Your pictures are stunning!


Just a note to say thanks for your excellent book on wildlife photography. It is easily the most comprehensive book I''ve ever read on the subject. I wish I had had it when I first started my wildlife photography about 5 years ago. It would have helped tremendously instead of much of the hit and miss learning and getting information little by little. It also the added benefit that it has some techniques and nuances that benefit even the experienced photographer. If someone is starting wildlife photography, it will be the first thing I recommend - get your book. Thanks again!! Best regards, Tom


Just finished reading your e-book for the second time this week. It is AWESOME! So glad you had the chapters regarding manual & auto ISO. Can't wait to try that out this weekend at Lake Mattamusheet, NC.


Your Secrets to Stunning Wildlife Photography is an excellent book! Easy to read and very informative. Thank you for sharing your knowledge through your book, your videos, and your absolutely stunning images.

Best regards,
I have been reading your book and it is really informative...THANK YOU!
Steve, I just wanted to tell you how great your book is. I just finished it
last Wednesday. It truly gives me the inspiration and information to create
some stunning photos. It's the little things that make the difference, and
your book covers them.

Very enjoyable book Steve.. Been jumping around at various chapters. Very helpful information in here...

Hi Steve I purchased your eBook a while ago to help me with my wildlife photography. I live near London uk and go to many nature reserves, parks and rivers to capture birds, deer and other wildlife. Your book has been a god send so much useful information i am reading it step by step and practising many of the techniques out in the field. I am purchasing a 600mm lens soon and will refer to the book to get pin sharp images . Thank you for sharing your vast knowledge and thank you for helping me become a better photographer . Richard
Hello Steve, I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this E-book on wildlife photography. Actually, I want to also thank you for all the wonderful videos that you have done on the Nikon setup with the D500 and 200-500 lens. Your ebook and videos are the most helpful learning tools I have ever had the grace to fall upon!! First, let me tell you a little about me--I have been a DSLR Canon shooter since 2010 (the very first camera I ever owned was a Rebel). I advanced little by little on my own; found out I love nature and wildlife photography. However, as my knowledge improved, I also wanted my camera and lenses to improve, and upgraded each year over the following years. I could not afford Canon's big lenses, and their 100-400 just did not get the crispness that I desired. Canon failed me in this category. I searched other birders and wildlife photographers to see what they were shooting with. Someone out there had to be in my predicament of not wanting to spend nearly $18,000 for a 1dx mk II and 600 mm of reach. Way out of my ballgame. And the 7DII and 100-400, --I did not like the clarity of the photos. Had both and sold them. Also, I did not want to purchase an off-brand lens--they simply are not as good as brand name lenses. To make a long story short, I found you on youtube--Nikon D500 and the 200-500. Now I could afford this combo! In my search, the photos I found of knowledgeable people using that combo were crisp, clear and sharp with great color and contrast. Not only did I find the perfect winning combination, I found you--a person who is willing to share their knowledge to help me and others like me--I am just a regular person who simply loves wildlife photography. You are an amazing teacher and a wonderful person. Thank you for sharing all of your knowledge and your heart--it takes a special person to really want to help others succeed in their passion of photography and I will be forever grateful to you for all you have made possible! Thank you, and thank you again!
Hi Steve
My name is Ken. I just wanted to say so far how much I'm enjoying your book, also your tip on shooting in manual mode and setting my ISO to auto is awesome. I was shooting in Aperture with auto ISO and never thought that in manual I would be able to do this but I love being able to shoot this way also I shoot Sony so as I set my aperture and adjust my shutter speed I see in real time through the view finder what my image will look like love looking at your YouTube post and your awesome captures
Thanks again.
Hi Steve,

This was the best spent money I have ever spent on anything. Unbelievably good information in abundance in this book of yours.

Thank you for the great book loaded with hundreds of good advice and information.

Your Secrets ebook is great. But, I'm sure you already knew that. I just found out. We seem to be on the same wavelength. I am reading, understanding, learning, and hope to apply some of your tips soon. Thanks Steve
Hi Steve,

after watching some YT vids, I decided to purchase your book. I totally enjoyed the read. Your comprehensive and personal style made me get through the material in no time. It's obvious you love what you are doing and, despite your photographic achievements, you still are a "normal guy with a camera in the woods" 😉

Thanks very much!

with kind regards,
I just finished reading your book Secrets to Stunning Wildlife Photography and wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it. It is one of the finest educational/training books I have read on any subject. I am recently retired and looking to devote my newfound freedom to my long neglected love of photography. I have done extensive reading, video watching and self-educating to bring my understanding and skills current with the advancements in digital photography. So I am not a novice, nor am I an expert. Your book hit the perfect sweet-spot for me.

During my career I often had to write training and process documentation manuals and know how hard they are to compose in an effective way to reach the intended audience. You hit a home run with this one. The book is informative while being clear, easy and most of all enjoyable to read. I have subscribed to your YouTube channel and look forward to more content.

Job well done.

Thank you Steve, after reading this book I started using back button focusing, I must say it took me a week to get used to it , due to this method I now get a lot better pic's much more keepers and my photography has improved quite a lot , so thank you for a very good book, well written.

Best Regards From Fred
As a wildlife photographer your advice and books are the best! I can't thank you enough for your hard work and products! I've read everything you've done and have learned so much. Your casual communication is the best, and my photography has improved so much that I am now selling prints to help with my "addiction". - Paul
I have purchased both of your ebooks and I must say that I have enjoyed them immensely. More importantly they were worth the price of admission which can't be said for too many things offered online these days. They hammered home some things I learned through years of trial and error and made me think differently about a few situations and ways to shoot. I thank you for that. - Charles
I bought both of your books. I believe that anyone who owns a late model Nikon DSLR MUST buy you book "Secrets To The Nikon Autofocus System". I have been a Nikon user since 1965 and own quite a few film and digital Nikon cameras. However, the level of in-depth information presented in this book was truly amazing to me. It is very well written and, in fact, fun to read. I am part way through "Secrets to Stunning Wildlife Photography". It is also well written in a personal style that makes it easy to read and comprehend. Well done. - David
Many thanks for a nice, entertaining and profesional book - Jaime
I wasn't disappointed at all, a truly great book, one learns something on just about every page. Keep up the good work. - Tony
I have bought both your books and loved them, incredibly useful. - Raul
I have purchased your Focus and Wildlife ebooks and found them very useful. - Paul
All I can say is that I was reading someone else's book on wildlife photography and it took me a month, I would fall asleep after two pages. In your case I read the whole book in one sitting, I could not put the material down. Easy to read, enjoyable, well organized and instructional. You have an ability to explain clearly and consicely. Well done now as you said it's up to me to get out there. - Federico
I have thoroughly enjoyed both of your books and have learned a great deal of stuff from both these books. I am constantly trying to practise the tips and techniques you have taught us. I also love your writing style, which is easy to follow and fun to read. - Naveen
Gotta say - working my way through your books... they are outstanding! - Craig
Steve, Thank you for writing your two books. I use them constantly.
Hi Steve......Thanks for the knowlege in your them. - Alan
Hi Steve,
Just bought your Stunning Wildlife e-book and think your discussion about tripods, and heads, is one of the most comprehensive and helpful I've ever seen. - Mark
Great..Thank you very much for the two e-books on Nikon AF Systems and Secrets to stunning Wildlife Photography. Now I am carefully going through the contents..very great works of yours.. - Sumangala
Hello Steve,

I mostly do underwater freedive (breath-hold) photography but only recently have I attempted more "serious" land wildlife photography. I purchased your Secrets to Wildlife Photography and it's probably the best money I've spent. All kinds of tips and trick to improve my photography. Thanks a millions for your art and knowledge! Peace, Errol
Bought your "Secrets to Stunning Wildlife Photography" ebook. Thanks for putting that together - great ebook. - Jose
Dear Steve,

I am an "advanced" beginner (what an oxymoron!) wildlife photographer who has just finished reading your book: Secrets to Stunning Wildlife Photography. I own a Nikon D610 and an AF-S Nikkor 70-300 4.5 lens as a starting kit. As a bio teacher, nature is my calling and I am lucky to be surrounded by wildlife of the likes of deers, swans, beavers, dragonflies, frogs, ducks, pheasants etc, etc. For many of those critters the lens I have comes short of reach but I am not complaining as first, I need to get to know my camera really well.

So far, your book provided me with the most useful information in one place. I mean, I can apply your tips right away. I know that it's no guarantee of amazing images but I have a solid starting point. I found your book to be very informative and written in a clear and humorous way. A very easy read. As I was reading, I was ticking all the boxes of the typical mistakes wannabe photographers like me make - yep, been there, yep done that. So, now I understand why some of my shots turn out not as I was expecting and hopefully will be able to fix this as I get more practice.
Thank you for making my life as a photographer a lot easier, in theory at least. ~ Claudia
Hi Steve,

Your book, Secrets to Stunning Wildlife Photography, is excellent. I have read it cover to cover and it is just what I have been looking for.

Best wishes

Hi Steve,
I bought your wildlife photography book and I must say, I was not disappointed! I have learned SO much from your newsletters and book. ~ Susan