Photography Consulting

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I’m available for paid consulting via phone or Skype and we can go over techniques you’re struggling with, gear choices, or pretty much any nature photography related topic(s) you’d like to discuss. Note that since I am a nature photographer, I only offer this for topics that fall under that genre. I’m not going to be much help for those interested in portraits, weddings, concerts, or sports. However, if you want to talk nature photography topics, equipment, and / or techniques, I’m happy to help. 

My fee is $50 per 30 minutes, $50 minimum, and availability is limited depending on my travel schedule. 

If you’d like to set up an appointment, please contact me using the form below. Make sure you include the topic(s) you’d like to discuss and a few dates / times when you’d be available. 

Finally, keep in mind that I’m frequently traveling, so it can sometimes be a few days before I get back in touch. Thanks!

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