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Nikon D7500 Review (with D500 and D7200 Comparison)

It’s Here! The D7500 review you’ve been waiting for! This in-depth review comes after a solid month of using the camera professionally in the field as my primary body for wildlife photography.

In this video, we’ll take a comprehensive look at the D7500 from a wildlife photographer’s perspective, as well as …

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Nikon D7500 Musings

Nikon has just launched the brand spankin’ new D7500 (DX body), and my inbox is already overflowing with questions. So, I thought I’d put together a quick post, first examining the camera itself, and then briefly comparing it to the D500 and D7200.

First, the camera. In my opinion, it won’t …

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The BCG College Of Photo Education :)

Since so many of us are locked away in our homes, I thought I’d put together a “master list” of the various articles and videos found on this site. Below, you’ll find a long list of categories and the posts that go with them. There are hours of video and …

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New Book – Exposure And Metering For Nikon!

Hey everyone!
It’s finally here, Secrets To Exposure And Metering For Nikon!
Are you ready to finally master exposure and metering? The you gotta check out my new e-book – the biggest and best yet! (670 pages – over a year in the making!)
This new book is jam-packed with every exposure
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Secrets To Exposure And Metering For Nikon


Format: PDF e-book (v 1.0.1)
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Covers the following cameras:

Nikon D5, D4, D4s
Nikon D850, D800, D810,
Nikon D750…


All About Your Camera’s Crop Modes

First, let’s get one thing out in the open – I’m not a fan of cropping and I normally tend to avoid it as much as possible. So please don’t take the remainder of this article as some kind of an endorsement for reckless pixel pruning, it’s really not. 

Don’t …

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Costa Rica Workshop Gear Recommendations

Note – the following is all subject to the disclaimer found at the end of the article.

“What gear should I take?”

This is by far the biggest question people have when preparing for the Costa Rica (CR) workshop, so let’s figure it out together.

As you know, this is


Use Photoshop To Blur Out Backgrounds

I’m a sucker for a nice, clean background. In my opinion, nothing ruins a wildlife shot (or portrait shot, if you roll that way), faster than a busy, distracting background. 

The thing is, it wasn’t that long ago that if you wanted to do wildlife, fast glass and full frame …

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Free Back Button AF Guide For Nikon

(Note – if you already have my Secrets ToThe Nikon Autofocus System e-book, you don’t need this book – you already have all the info 🙂 )

Have you ever wondered how back button autofocus works?

Have you ever wondered how to set up Back Button AF (BBAF) for your …

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10 Tips For Photographing Local Wildlife

So, here’s the thing, I travel quite a bit. If you’re a regular here, you know this isn’t exactly the kind of news that would cause any concern over at the USGS earthquake monitoring center. Since I do get around, the images on the site and in my articles tend …

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