Star Trails Over Golden Canyon

Star Trails Over Golden Canyon (Zabriskie Point)

This was created one cloudless night over Golden Canyon near Zabriskie Point, Death Valley.

Most of the time, I really love getting some cool clouds at sunset, but when I’m stuck with a sky that’s dull, boring and clear, that can only mean one thing – star trails!

So, I set up the camera and started shooting as the last bit of light left the sky. The sky was a deep blue with just a little pink left on the horizon – perfect for the foreground!

Next, it was time to wait a bit longer for the stars to show up, then let the camera do its work.

Soon enough, the camera was busy capturing star trails and I had some time to kill. I wandered around the area a bit – it’s unusual to have this spot to yourself since during the day it’s generally swarming with people.

Before too long I decided to head back to the car for a quick bite to eat. As I approached the parking lot I spotted a fox, his eyes glowing in the reflected beam of the flashlight. He seemed as surprised to see me as I was to see him!

I lingered around the car an extra few minutes due to the temps. Although Death Valley gets crazy hot in the summer, this particular January night was only in the 20s – with a fairly aggressive wind to boot. So, I was pretty happy when the hour or so worth of exposures I was taking finally completed. I zipped up the hill and packed it in, hoping I had something good.

See, the funny thing with star trails is you have no idea what you actually captured till you get it all together on the computer once you’re home. I personally like the result, hope you do too.

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