Snowy Owl Taking Off

Snowy Owl Takeoff

I’ve always wanted to photograph snowy owls, and I finally had my chance in March of 2016.

Although I’m not their biggest fan, I do check Facebook every day since I get feeds from all over the country from various parks and organizations. While I was rummage through my feed one Monday morning, I came across a post that mentioned a large number of Snowy Owls congregating in the Michigan UP. So, in less than 24 hours, I was on my way.

I had never come across Snowys anywhere before, so I was hoping to at least see one. As it turns out, I ended up seeing 20 of them on my first time out – pretty darn cool.

This female was one of my favorites. She allowed a close approach and as I was popping off shots, she was kind enough to toss some cool poses my way. After a time, she decided she had enough of the photo shoot (or something else caught her eye, which is what I think happened) and decided to take off. I tracked her and shot away as she flew, but I actually ended up liking this initial launch shot the best.

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